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Capitol Financial Solutions' Advisors Interviewed

Capitol Financial Solutions' Advisors Interviewed

May 01, 2018


C. Shane Gurganus (pictured left) and Brett DiPasquale (pictured right), Financial Advisors in our Charlotte, NC office, were recently interviewed by Financial Planning Magazine.

"There usually is a cap on return, so clients may not get the full value of a positive index move, especially in years of strong bull markets. “Cap rates will vary, by contract and by current market volatility,” says Shane Gurganus, an investment advisor representative with Capitol Financial Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina. The firm uses Signator Investors as its broker-dealer."

“Hypothetically, a structured annuity with a six-year term and 10% downside protection might offer returns up to 70% of an index gain over that period. Increasing the downside protection will result in a lower cap on gains,” Gurganus says.

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