Nathan Weir

Nathan Weir

Investment Advisor Representative

Nathan was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He developed a dream of improving the financial situation and literacy of those around him after viewing firsthand the effect that seeking financial advice and working with a Financial Planner had on his family shortly after his older sister was born. Decades later, the impact and life his parents were able to provide for he and his sister is immense. Over the years their worries and needs were alleviated and they continue to set and achieve goals as they near the next stage of their lives.


Nathan graduated from Calvert Hall College High School in 2015 where his interest in the financial services industry initially sparked. His father Steven is a Certified Medical Dosimetrist, his mother Karen is a Registered Nurse, and his older sister Stephanie is a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Despite coming from a family with a deep medical background, Nathan chose to follow his dreams of becoming a Financial Planner. He attended Salisbury University and received a Bachelor of Science in Finance, focused in financial planning, with a minor in Information Systems. During his time at Salisbury he was an active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. In his 5 semesters as a member, he held multiple leadership positions and became a role model for newer and younger members in the chapter. SAE taught Nathan several intangible skills and values that he carries with him to this day. The True Gentleman is the creed that every brother is taught to live by. Despite big expectations within the creed, The True Gentleman helps Nathan hold himself to the highest of standards, and constantly strive to improve. Integrity and dedication are at the forefront of the many values that he possesses and aims to bring to his clients. He aims to bring the same level of service to his clients that his parents are fortunate enough to receive.

Moving to Charlotte to join the CFS team reinforces his commitment to establishing a successful career and serving all clients with his values at the forefront, along with his strong work ethic. One thing that fuels Nathan’s passion is the belief that receiving help from a Financial Planner should never be viewed as a burden or a problem. When in reality, done correctly it is a blessing and a solution.